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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

ST0Ry 0f mY V0TeS

    hiiii weLC0Me back 2 my bL0g!!! Thank u to every1 wh0 v0tED in my poll!! i asked u to ch00sE which s0ng from the ~*super cool*~ album Punk Goes Acoustic, Vol. 3 should b out in the world and omg we have a W I N N E R!!! so proud of u all for casting ur vote.

    so many ppl voted - & all the s0nGS are gr8 - but u chose "Story Of My Bros" by Dance Gavin Dance!!! the band name is right - u'll b dancing a ton when u hear this s0Ng that comes out at MIDNIGHT ET (July 19 if u dont have a calendar LOL). bE my br0 and add me 2 ur t0P 8, and listen 2 this total jam starting 2mrw. u asked 4 it and u r gonna luv it <3 

                           GO LiSTEN HERE --> found.ee/pga_volume3