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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A DEcAD3 unD3R ThE iNFLuENc3 of @ W0Lf iN SHEeP's CL0THiNG

Hi again!!! So much to write about so little time - how crazy has this week been!? TGiF :*

    So yesterday i started this bl0g and it is S O C O O L that i already have n3W songs from my fav bands to share !!! First off i really hope everyone looked at my top 12 -  i did some coding and added more than a top 8 because i luv way more than just 8 bands. So lucky that ~two of those bands released new songs TODAY! So special i could cry but i wont i'll just share them instead LOL

    like u can probably tell from my fav quote "T0 HELL WiTH U & ALL UR FRiENDS", i ~*love*~ a band called Taking Back Sunday. They have been so amazing for so many years and i can't believe i get to tell you about the new acoustic song they released for a special project :') "A Decade Under The Influence" is the FiRST track out from the brand new not even released yet album called 'Punk Goes Acoustic, Vol. 3' and my heart is like, so full.

    As if that wasn't amazing enough!!!! Another band from my top 12 has a song on that same amazing album!! Set It Off have a new version of their totally bold track "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" and i am obsessed. i luv this song a lot beca use it sounds so sweet with the >-stripped down-< guitar sounds but if you listen to the lyrics it's kinda dark!!! 2  a m a z i n g songs from two a m a z i n g bands on one A M A Z I N G album - all announced today. PHEW that is a LOT for one day. Go listen to both songs and pre-save the album so u can be like me and hear the good music before everyone else on the internet <3 

                              LiSTEN HERE EVERYBODY --> found.ee/pga_volume3 



ps - since ur my myspace friend - here's a peek at ALL. THE. SONGS.

dance gavin dance - story of my bros

circa survive - act appalled

taking back sunday - a decade under the influence

dashboard confessional - screaming infidelities (ft abigail sevigny)

mayday parade - take this to heart

movements - colorblind

underoath - a boy brushed red living in black and white

don broco - come out to la

set it off - wolf in sheep's clothing

as it is - okay

grayscale - atlantic

the almost - hand grenade